As a past member of the CAR (Children of the American Revolution) and DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution), I have been reminded all my life of the real and continual sacrifices of my ancestors and our Country's founding men, women, and children. I wish to help show others, as Patriot Voices does, that we too, TODAY, can also make a difference ... I still believe there is more good than bad, more right than wrong, and more people in our great Nation, that if shown the way and given the opportunity, would choose to fight for everything good that our Nation stands for and not simply allow "the powers that be" to dictate to us. This is still a Nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, and I hope to do something to help keep it that way! PS, I wish all US Citizens would voluntarily memorize not only the Pledge of Allegiance, but also the American's Creed.

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Maybe the parents of these children felt that by writing a letter to the President it would help their children express their emotions, feel more in control of their lives by taking action, and further the healing process. However, for the President to link this undeniable tragedy to his own liberal agenda is shameless … and that so many seem to buy into it is frightening!

Lisa Neary
Christian, Mother, US Patriot, and Realtor