Santorum and Patriot Voices PAC endorse Josh Hawley for Missouri Attorney General

Former Republican presidential candidate and winner of the 2012 Missouri Republican presidential primary Rick Santorum (R-PA) endorsed Josh Hawley for Missouri Attorney General.

Rick Santorum said: "Josh Hawley is a pro-life, constitutional conservative who you can trust to stand up for the unborn and religious liberty.    While the far left wages war on our freedoms, Josh has the courage and conviction to defend our rights and constitutional expertise to beat liberals in court.  That's why Josh is my choice for Missouri Attorney General."

A victor of 11 Republican presidential primaries and caucuses - including the 2012 Missouri Republican presidential primary, Senator Rick Santorum is a two-time candidate for the Republican nomination for President.  Santorum served for two-terms representing Pennsylvania in the United States Senate and two-terms in the United States House of Representatives, where he was the principal author of the landmark 1996 Welfare Reform, the law banning the heinous procedure known as partial-birth abortion, and tough sanctions against both the radical Syrian and Iranian regimes.  From 2001 - 2007, Santorum was elected by his colleagues to serve as Senate Republican Conference Chairman, the third highest leadership position in the United States Senate.  Santorum is currently Chairman of Patriot Voices PAC, which is committed to electing conservatives who are focused on helping hardworking families.


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Thanks Rick so much for this endorsement of our good friend Josh Hawley. We truly need Josh as our next Attorney General here in MO. Gaitha and I caught up with Josh the night after your endorsement here in Columbia and he was all smiles! Blessings my Friend!! Game On! Steve and Gaitha Athans