ICYMI: Santorum Discusses Syria on Patriot Voices Radio

Verona, PA - As the United States considers military action in Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons strike by the Assad regime, former U.S. Senator, former Republican presidential candidate and Chairman of Patriot Voices Rick Santorum made the following comments on Patriot Voices Radio yesterday about the growing crisis.  Excerpts of Senator Santorum's comments are below and can be heard in their entirety here (fast forward to 26:20).

"Both Syria and Egypt are colossal failures.  Failures beyond comprehension.  The impact of the failure of this administration in both Egypt and in Syria is going to have a ripple effect in the Middle East and for our country for a long, long time.  It's because we have a president who has decided to defer his foreign policy to the United Nations. He's a president who believes that America is not a moral force or a military or ideological force in the world..."

"...The president, as we saw on his trip to Cairo -- which was his first foreign trip -- he and his administration have denied the reality that radical Islam is at war with the west and particularly the United States. And we see this manifest itself - all of these things I have just talked about -- have manifested itself in Egypt and in Syria."

"...Syria is a situation where you have a dictator there who was the closest ally to Iran.  One could argue that at the time that a revolution was beginning to start there.  This was an opportunity to make sure the United States engaged and was able to equip, support and do what we could do to help those who wanted to overthrow Assad, whose values were consistent with our values that could be an ally going forward.  That would have been one way to address this issue.  What the president did was nothing.  He decided to stand aside after some horrible things that Assad was accused of came to light.  The President distanced himself from Assad even more and decided to on balance support the rebels.  Unfortunately, by then since we did not engage at all with the rebel forces, what happened was al Qaeda...has become the dominant player in the rebel forces.  We now have no side.  There's no side for us to cheer for."  

"... I don't have any doubt they [chemical weapons] were used.  I'm not too sure we know with certainty which side was using them.  And it wouldn't be a surprise to me that both sides were using them or that the radical Islamists are using them.  Because these are folks whose watch word is terrorism.  There's nothing that strikes more terror then weapons of mass destruction, particularly chemical and biological weapons.  While I agree with Secretary Kerry - it is very clear that chemical weapons were used.  The idea that we need to be punishing Assad and doing things to tip the balance in favor of al Qaeda who are running the rebel forces to me is a very questionable tactic of itself...."      



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