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How to fix America

The key to fixing America is to return to fath. Now I am not saying that it has to be Christianity, but it has to be some form of religious faith. Without religion, a person can never be truly moral, they will never have a set doctrine telling them how to live their lives, which is why drug use among teens is rising, abortion and teenage pregnancy is rising, and why our economy is getting worse by the day. If we returned to religious faith, we would immediately begin saving money, no longer would Planned Parenthood recieve over 500 million dollars a year from the government to carry out abortions, every unethical law or regulation that has been passed would no longer exist (Obamacare).

Not only would our society begin to improve, but our economy as well. The changes would not be drstic at first, but the changes themsleves would be immediate. Our country began to fail after the citizens and the government abandoned the absolute truth that this country was founded as a Christian nation, we need to return to those ideals, beliefs and convictions. That is the only way to fix our country.

America is failing because the soul of America is dying. We need to revive it, we need to grow, and learn from the past. That is why Conservatives need to unite, and spread the word of Conservatism in order to restore our once great nation. America can still be the shining house on the hill, but we need to return to religious faith in order to do so.

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Sen. Santorum's Convention Speech

Mark your calendar for Tuesday night! Sen. Santorum will address Republican National Convention delegates and guests in Tampa! Please use this thread to discuss/comment during his speech.

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