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Common Core Fight - Local, State, National

We need more and more candidates willing to fight Common Core.  It is a question that comes up time and again, the frequency and the level of importance from the voters increasing at various functions.  Still the candidates remain shamefully uneducated regarding the topic of education in the districts they are running for, and details of Common Core in particular.  

Common Core isn't merely about the horrors of teaching to standardized tests.  That would be bad enough.  It's not only about removing the concept of teaching children to think for themselves, which I still have trouble wrapping my brain around.  That alone would give me nightmares the rest of my life.  It's not only about teachers and administrators forgetting their place and deciding that the children are theirs and THEY are the ones to decide what is taught and how rather than remembering that they are acting in place of the parents, they are trained, and dedicated, but they are not the parents.  The children are NOT theirs.   

It's about more than All of that.  It is the horror of indoctrination.  Common Core is about turning our children and grandchildren, our nieces and nephews, into a crop of slaves.  The future of our country is being raised, trained incapable of doing basic math, incapable of reading cursive (script) and thus incapable or reading the original historical documents of our National History vs the revisionist history now being taught  College texts are currently abridging explanations of the Amendments to the Constitution and by the time these kids get to high school and college they will be incapable of reading the original for themselves, how will they discern the truth?  They will have no ability to read the original.  Perhaps no copy of the original text in print that they can read.  And even if they could read it, no ability to think and reason for themselves.  They will not be capable of making simple transactions on their own because the ability to do simple math will be beyond their scope.   There is a reason slaves are never allowed to read.  There is a reason the Chinese didn't want to educate their populace, and a reason they couldn't control their populace once they started to educate them.

There is a reason the upper classes always tried to keep the servant classes illiterate, and uneducated.  Perhaps Nothing is so important as keeping our young educated.

Constant unrelenting repartition of "the needs of the individual must be suppressed for the needs of the society"  "the President had a very had job and we must support him" at a young impressionable age, along with the lack of teaching children to question and think, we'll be raising mindless little slaves, unable to reason.


It must be addressed .  We must demand that our candidates put it at the top of their priority list, and educate themselves. 

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Embarrassed by your CRPD Opposition

Dear Mr. Santorum: I am a pro-lifer. I was born with Spina Bifida way back in 1964, when not all doctors would save us. I am not a fan of the some-are-better-off-not-being-born mentality of the abortion industry. You have done an incredible amount of damage to the pro-life cause with your crusade against the CRPD. You have absolutely refused to listen to the wishes of the disability community and veterans groups. The treaty is endorsed by humdreds of disability groups and over 20 veterans' groups. Ratification of this reart was never about homeschooling rights or abortion. Backers have bent over backwards to address your concerns. Read the RUDs. So what is this treaty about? It is about maintaining US leadership on disability rights so we can export our gold standard - The ADA - to other countries. And it about creating a world where US citizens with disabilities can travel and work abroad. Do you have any idea what it is like for people with disabilities in other countries? Some friends of mine, both of whom use wheelchairs, recently adopted a child with a disability from China. They could tell you what it is like in other countries for people with disabilities. And what about people with disabilities in other countries? We, as pro-lifers, should care about them too. Maintaining US leadership on disability rights is so important. Backers of the CRPD listened to your concerns and addressed them. There is no excuse. If ratification fails, you will have hreatlt damaged the pro-life movement by alienating the disability community. (You already did that once.) No one will remember that the president of NOW said that we need abortrion to prevent the heartbreak of infant mortality. (You can imagine what I thought of that.) But no one will remember that if Rick Santorum does not care about huge disability support for this treaty. The abortion industry will score a huge PR victory if you succeed in defeating ratification. They will gain public support. All I will be able to say is, "Don't blame me."  John, a pro-lifer born with Spina Bifida. My mobility is good, but I care about accessibility for my friends.

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Converting a Liberal Socialist

First and foremost, I am a proud lifelong Republican who addresses the misconceptions (read untruths) of liberal co-workers, neighbors and my own wife head on rather than looking the other way.  I am as ardent a supporter of our Constitution as was Jefferson and I have quite literally argued our talking points until I lost my voice but I am amazed and occasionally overwhelmed by my 'local liberals.'  Its one thing to have differing social or economic beliefs but its another to defend one's position with falsehoods perpetuated by the left-leaning media.  How does an average joe like myself convince a [brainwashed] liberal that his/her view is flat out wrong when the talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and others continue to spoon-feed them rubbish?  I had marked success in 'converting' one socialist into a free-thinking moderate who now sees through the thinly-veiled lies by which she had once been swayed.  Here's how I did it:

My wife, Marcia, God love her, is Canadian.  Having spent far too much time in her country, I can attest that, unfortunately, our friends to the north are hooked on CNN and Michelle Obama and scoff at the very mention of Bush.  According to many who I've met up there, Bush is the reason our country is in disarray and we were 'saved' by The Anointed One.  As you can imagine, thirty years of socialist values on top of their affinity for American liberal media, had shaped my innocent wife's views.  Well, 2009 rolled around, we were wed and Marcia was introduced to Fox News.  Now I won't lie - the early days, weeks and months of negotiating a single hour of Fox in exchange for 3 of that brain surgeon Chris Matthews were trying.  Over the next few years, as America fell further into the unrecognizable form in which it still finds itself and when Obama's policies hit our family very hard, Marcia's views began to sway.  She began to ask more questions and, perhaps more importantly, was receptive to my answers.  My truthful albeit hard right answers.  Nowadays she peruses friends' Facebook posts and scoffs at their political ignorance.  She watches Hillary Clinton claim that she was 'broke' upon leaving our White House and responds angrily.  Marcia sees clips of Obama playing golf, attending fundraisers and vacationing in Hawaii and actually lectures me as if I campaigned for this guy.  All this from a woman who was a staunch supporter of Hillary just 6 years ago and who used to sternly ask that I ,give Obama a chance.'  I'm not a miracle worker, though; her pro-choice, anti-gun and pro-gay views are unshakeable.

As I arrive at my point in a roundabout way, we cannot change 100% of the liberal minds which we encounter.  We can, however, change 100% of one person's mind, given time, effort, lots of patience and facts.  I have been guilty of dismissing someone as a liberal and waving him/her off in the past but these days I simply ask, "Why are you a Democrat?"  The stuttering, stammering, incoherent answer, if any, that typically emerges from their mouths is nonsensical.  I don't know about you but if someone asks me why I'm a Republican, I can hit a dozen points inside of five seconds.  Many on the left can't even identify what makes them registered Democrats although they all seem united in their belief that Bush was the Devil.  If that's all that's keeping them from taking a moderate, if not right position, can't we make the time to remind them not to worry since he won't be President again?  I jest of course yet I don't believe that its a stretch that these weak-willed people could be prompted to reconsider their position sans Bush. 

So if I was able to convert my beautiful though then-socialist wife, can't you likewise sway a single person in your life?  And then can't they educate one more person....?

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Conservatives stay strong.

As conservatives we must keep fighting for what we believe in.  We need to broaden our base of supporters. I am a young conservative and i believe we need to educate young college kids on our ideals, most young college kids right now our liberal, we need to change that status quo.If we show young people that we are all about pro-growth and pro-jobs they will support our ideals. If our base grows we can silence the political unjust of the Liberals and establishment Republicans.

Right now our base is constantly being attacked by the Liberal Media because of our opposition to amnesty, Obamacare and other issues.  Liberal and Establishment Republicans believe that illegal immigrants make America stronger. I believe immigrants  make America stronger and smarter.Conservatives must prove to Liberals and establishment Republicans that immigration reform needs to occur but without rewarding illegal aliens. There is a distinct difference between immigrants and illegal aliens. Most immigrants come to America on green cards, student visas or work visas they spend thousands of dollars to come here the legal way. Illegal aliens come to America to live off of our government and to commit crimes. We can reform our immigration system but we need to do it in  way that will not cost American tax payers their jobs or taxes. If we want to give immigrants legal status we need to give those who are waiting patiently for visas or green cards first dibs. I believe for those illegal immigrants who are here working they need to be given work visas to stay here legally.  But before we put forth ideas on how to reform our broken immigration system we need to prove to the liberals and establishment Republicans that our border is porous and that we need to secure our border first.

As Conservatives we can continue to oppose Obamacare but the American people want to see a better solution. Obamacare is disastrous  it gives the federal government too much power. It forces good doctors to lower their prices and standards for everyone. It  basically cripples doctors. It also over populates and cripples our hospitals.It forces hardworking Americans to purchase healthcare or pay a fine,this is absurd. As Conservatives we need to offer healthcare that protects patients from negligent Doctors. We need a healthcare plan that is cost efficient for middle class Americans. We need healthcare plans that can compete to offer the lowest premium for the consumer.

Most of these can ideas can be pursued if we elect leaders who resemble Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Steve King and other conservative patriots. Establishment Republicans have ran their course its time we end the era of the John McCain's and Orrin Hatch's. Establishment Republicans like John Mccain and Orrin Hatch like to help liberals increase taxes and increase the federal governments authority. These disastrous policies are what cripple our economy.

In closing, sorry for the long detailed post but i am very passionate about politics. I am a conservative through and through. Here is a  little bio about myself. When i was 18 i registered as a Democrat because of peer pressure. My father is a staunch Democrat. As i got older i researched both parties and i took class in college that was political ideology. When i looked at both parties i said to myself why am i a Democrat i side with Republicans on most issues. I consider myself a fiscal and social conservative. I hope to run day run for Congress and show the American people my ideas. I would like to thank Patriot Voices for allowing me to express my ideas. May god bless our troops and their families. May god bless these United States Of America.

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Manufacturing & Tariffs: Return of the True pre-1913 GOP

What can we do to launch a broad based industrial revival? Manufacturing arguably built the country and helped make the US technologically advanced, self-reliant and built our giant middle class and successful, productive companies. Is it just me, or does it seem that the growth of the trade deficit began to really take off around the same time everything took a turn for the worse? Will the Republican party turn back to a focus on industrial development, perhaps even championing tariffs on all of these imports? Can't we go back to the situation before 1913 when the US government was financed mostly by tariffs, instead of income taxes that punish work?

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Rick Santorum on gay rights


Hey Rick, I've seen you on TV alot lately. I noticed the media loves to paint you as the Anti-gay guy. Next time somebody tries it I recommend you reference the 2012 debates in which you are the only candidate running for office who proposed increased sanctions on Iran and cited treatment of women and gays as the reason. That includes Obama. 


I think its pretty hard to attack you on gay rights with a record like that. For some reason you don't ever bring it up to defend yourself. 



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GOP Connection with Everyday Americans

I just read the Fiscal Times article about the GOP's failure to connect with traditional, everyday, mainstream conservative Americans.  The point is right on the mark.  I believe it is primarily due to a complete lack of aggressive strategic marketing.

True conservatives MUST consciously engage headlong in the battle of language, to negate the politically correct distortions that are so tactfully employed by the left and even many in the GOP establishment (GOPE).  We need to speak in the terms that average Americans are using among themselves.  While the GOPE's speak of helping "small businesses", we need to talk in terms of "America's employers", as in "Obamanomics: America's Employers on Hold Since 2009."  Average Americans don't care about fat-cat business owners, but they are very interested in their own employers' well-being, even though they are one and the same!

We cannot sit back and allow the left and GOPEs to broadbrush the term "immigration".  Obama recently said that "immigration makes America stronger."  Conservatives must be clear there is a distinct difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien - you are either one or the other - and illegal aliens weaken America.  We can make reforms to our immigration policies, but it will be centered around what is best for the average American, not those who are citizens of other countries, or corporate special interests.

Conservatives must build on Americans' current distaste of Obamacare.  But the core issue is not that it is a "trainwreck", the bungled rollout, or skyrocketing costs, or deterioration of services.  The problem with Obamacare is that it gives the federal government the right to author every rule for healthcare in America, and every citizen, doctor and hospital must obey or be penalized.  That is not America, and it is exactly what our Founders tried so desperately to prohibit.

In general, the conservative base of the GOP needs to mobilize a team of marketing specialists to identify the terms the left coins and proliferates through the media, then prepare truthful, Constitution-centric rebuttals to them, and aggressively and relentlessly splash them across the conservative political base over and over and over and over and over again.

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Can Patriot Voices please look at my Obamacare effort?

I got it past a Congressman and two of his staffers, then was blocked by his Washington, DC staffer (assuming the long delay indicates it is buried).  I sent its initial version to you when I joined this website.

I recently emailed one of the earlier staffers about how there should be a way for conservative suggestions not to be buried by Republican congressional staffers.

Does PV want to see my email asking that Republican congressional staffers not be allowed to bury conservative suggestions, and the final version of my effort against Obamacare?

As it stands, unless the delay does not signal refusal, a single Republican congressional staffer has decided Americans must give up their doctors (assuming  my buried proposal might stop that).  A single staffer should not have that power.

If prayer says post this, I will.

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Place the blame for this on the ones that started this.

I just got your computer phone call. Rick, you want to lay all the blame for the NSA spying on President Obama. Why is that? Do you know something about him starting the spying? Why not place the blame on the President and his administration and his party, my party? President Bush and his administration and the Republican Party was hell bent on saving us from ourselves after the attack on 9/11. We are now living with the fall out of those decicions that were fast tracked to protect us that are now destroying us. Stop the party line attacks and work together and regien in the out of control crap that is destroying our freedoms. Obama didn't start this, we all did. We didn't start it from starting in the first place.
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CRPD rebuttal

Regarding the UN's CRPD, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, here is just one page of many that gives voice to the problems we would and could face if the CRPD were ratified by the US. It contains a summary of the wording as well as the source of the article wording within the CRPD so that you can read for yourself whether or not the summary has been stretched or taken out of context.

Bear in mind that Thomas Jefferson's personal and private letter of reassurance and support for the religious liberty of the Methodist church has been taken out of context by the anti-godly and 'Liberal masses' in our country, and not only has the meaning of that letter been totally reversed, but that reversed meaning has been somehow incorporated into the wording of a separate document of legal standing, the Constitution of the US.

The UN is not our friend. Legalese, the language of twisting word meanings to fit 'new agendas' and 'new ideas' is not our friend. There are more than enough organizations and agendas that are fighting for loop holes through the existing ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act language that we don't need to give them more ammunition with the addition or acceptance of even slightly contradictory laws with even more legalese.

For actual reference, here is a link to the text of the CRPD from which you can read for yourself and compare the statements of both sides as to whether the fears and concerns are baseless;

There are several other sites that claim these statements made by opponents of the CRPD are myths and over-blown reactions, however on each and every one of these that I have read, they merely state over and over that the opponent's statements are myths with only their own statements of their own interpretations, no bona fide reference work ... I guess if something is repeated often enough it becomes truth and therefore fact on it's own merit? Nowhere on these sites supporting the CRPD and bashing opponents of the CRPD have I read a quote or a clearly referenced summary or even a specific reference to any specific CRPD text that nullifies the evidence of the - potential - ha! - inevitable - use of legalese to undermine our ADA further.

We need to instead concentrate on finding ways to solidify and enforce the laws we already have against the legalese twisting that is already coming against the ADA, not allow or to even fight for the means to further weaken them.

I question the claims that state "While it is true that the CRPD will not require any change to existing federal law, the treaty will have an impact on blind people and others with disabilities from the U.S. who wish to study or work abroad, or for that matter, wish to travel or live abroad". In what way will the U.S. ratification of the CRPD have any effect on any other country, especially if that country has not ratified the CRPD or on our citizens who travel or live there? If it somehow does, then how does the CRPD not have the power to effect our own federal law? I'd like to hear an explanation of this oxymoronic statement. If it will affect how our citizens are treated by altering the laws in other countries, then how can it not affect how our citizens are treated here at home at the federal level?

Here is a page where you will find out how to make your voice heard if you feel that opponents of CRPD are voicing real concerns about real problems we will face if/when the CRPD is ratified. If criticising and objecting to the CRPD being a legalist's wedge to weaken our already faltering ADA means that I'm anti-disabled in your eyes, then so be it. I can live with your bigotry, though not as easily as you apparently can, however, I don't want to live fighting with the added loopholes of the United Nation's Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilies to our own Americans with Disabilities Act. The CRPD will make our fight implementing and enforcing the ADA so much more harder for us to do in the future. Adding more laws, more words, related to the same focus only serves to give lawyers more killing or at least delaying ammunition to fight those very laws. It is senseless to give any adversary more ammunition than what they can make for themselves.

Remember the words of the famous lawyer and former president of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton; "It all depends on what YOUR interpretation of the meaning of the word sex is". There's another grand example of legalese for you!


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