Why You Should Read “The First Hostage” by Joel C. Rosenberg

Review written by Patriot Voices Executive Director Nadine Maenza


I.always recommend starting this book on the weekend, because you won’t be able to put it down. It is riveting.

“The president of the United States . . . is missing.”


Imagine a scenario where the U.S. President disappears after ISIS attacks a large event in Jordan, killing thousands and destroying the palace. King Abdullah II of Jordan is forced underground to coordinate what forces are left to save his country. New York Times journalist J. B. Collins, the main character in this story who had previously interviewed the head of ISIS, stays with the King and becomes part of the story.

I certainly don’t want to give away too much more, but it very entertaining and will keep you thoroughly engaged.

Joel Rosenberg began writing this series before most of us had ever heard of ISIS. As he so clearly articulates, if you understand the apocalyptic ideology of ISIS, you can better anticipate what their plans are for the future.

This is in sharp contrast to the Obama Administration that lacked the understanding of ISIS’s plans and goals. The President has misstated that they were the “JV team” and even believed they could be “contained.”

While you will be reading a fictional story, the history of ISIS, who they are, what they believe, and what their religion teaches them about the future is factual. You will acquire a broad understanding of ISIS and this ideology while being entertained. After years of reading and studying the Middle East, I even had a clearer perspective after reading this book. 

While Iran are Shi-ite Muslims and ISIS are Sunni Muslims, both believe that their messiah, the “Mahdi” will be coming to earth to bring on the End of Days. ISIS believes they need to build their caliphate now to usher in the end of days, and then destroy the infidels. The leaders of Iran believe they need to destroy the infidels first and then build their caliphate. This explains why ISIS is expanding their territory first and while Iran is determined to continue with their nuclear weapons program first.

In this book, you will hear about the Syrian town of “Dabiq.” ISIS wants to draw the “infidels” into an apocalyptic battle here, and that is when they believe the “Mahdi” will come. This is such an important city in their ideology that their online magazine is called “Dabiq.”

As we look towards the 2016 elections, we need to make sure that we elect a new President and members of Congress who have a deep understanding of apocalyptic Islam.  Our country, and perhaps our world, will depend on that.

I hope you will read “The First Hostage” and then pass it onto friends and family.

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