Joseph Higgins

commented on Conservative Values 2012-12-04 06:47:10 -0500 · Flag
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Santorum:
I have looked over the list of issues which this organization supports, and find that I am comfortable supporting most of them. However, I am not able to agree with the issue of support for traditional marriage, nor for DOMA. Let me state that I support marriage between two consenting, non-related adults. More importantly, I support the idea of safe, strong and pro-American families, no matter how those families are configured. If children feel safe and comfortable; if the parents (whether biological, adopted, foster or “step-”) provide environments in which the children feel safe and secure; if the education of the children is given a high priority in the household; and if the family exhibits a respect for the rule of law, then how can anyone say that that family shouldn’t be recognized by society? I believe that governments (neither federal, state, or local) have no business defining what a “marriage” is; this is a spiritual matter for churches to decide.
If you can standing having a member who agrees with “most” of your groupd positions, then i am proud to be a member of this group. If not. Mr. and Mrs. Santorum, please notify me of your decision and I will happily look for another group to support.
Thank you.