Economic Freedom and Opportunity

Patriot Voices believes:

Restore America's Fiscal Sanity

  • We must stop the explosion of debt by cutting spending and shrinking the federal government, and submitting to Congress a budget that will balance within 5 years.   
  • Congress must pass a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution which limits federal spending to 18 percent of GDP
  • We work to reform and modernize entitlements so that they are on a sustainable path for seniors and young people.  We can do that by capping and block granting social service programs to the states like what was done in Welfare Reform. 
  • We should freeze pay for non-defense related federal employees for four years, cut the workforce by 10% with no compensatory increase in the contract workforce, and phase out defined benefit plans for newer federal workers. 

Repeal and Replace Obamacare

  • Congress must submit legislation to repeal ObamaCare and issue an executive order ending related regulatory obligations on the states. 
  • Congress should replace ObamaCare with competitive market based choices of healthcare plans to improve the quality and limit the cost of healthcare, while protecting those with uninsurable health conditions.

Unleash America's Domestic Energy

  • We must approve the Keystone Pipeline for jobs and energy security and sign an order unleashing America’s domestic energy production without picking winners and losers on day one.  
  • Congress should phase out all energy subsidies. 
  • Market conditions and states should determine whether they want to explore for oil and natural gas.  Commonsense regulations reflecting commonsense conservation providing for clean air and water should protect Americans and American jobs instead of promoting the agenda of environmental extremists.

Promote Pro-Growth Tax Policies 

  • We must support the creation of pro-family and pro-growth tax policies to strengthen opportunity and free enterprise in our country through tax simplification, lower rates, and no more than two tax brackets. 
  • We must support promoting job creation through cutting the corporate tax rate in half and unleashing the manufacturing sector of our economy by eliminating taxes on US based manufacturing activity and repatriation of income parked overseas for investment in the US.

Reform Job-Killing Regulations & Agencies 

  • We must support reforming the Federal Reserve, phasing out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and repealing Dodd-Frank which is making it harder for businesses to get access to credit and for Americans to buy houses and refinance.  
  • We should eliminate all Obama-era regulations with an economic impact over $100 million.  Also, cut EPA resources for job killing regulations and return the government’s focus to commonsense conservation and safe and clean air and water.


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commented 2013-02-04 11:53:03 -0500 · Flag
We need to stop senator’s & the house rep’s using “illegal” inside information, they all are making millions, & it is NOT our best interests…as well, basically they are stealing a trillion dollars a year ! That alone could balance our national deficit !
commented 2012-12-11 06:10:41 -0500 · Flag
can see and wake up out of their trance.
commented 2012-12-11 06:09:16 -0500 · Flag
Sounds great. If those who like to spend our money and are only concerned about their own job (not ours) can be fired, this can happen. I am praying for their evil deeds to come to light so that America
commented 2012-12-04 12:25:12 -0500 · Flag
The Neutral Tax has similar benefits to those noted in the “1-2-3 No Federal Tax” plan, but it is more comprehensive. Read more about The Neutral Tax at
commented 2012-12-02 21:37:11 -0500 · Flag
As noted in my previous comment on the 1-2-3 No Federal Tax Plan, as every Reagan Republican knows the key to reducing costs is competition. The plan does that by letting all 50 states compete for citizens and businesses on the basis of allowing them to decide how to tax. The least regressive will attract residents and businesses to move to their state. More regressive will lose residents and businesses. Tends to force them to try to not be regressive in their taxation. Today the only choice is for the citizens or businesses that do not like the US one-size-fits-all complex tax code must move out of country. Under this plan only have to change state. This would be a big win for this country and its citizens.
commented 2012-12-02 21:20:45 -0500 · Flag
A solution proposed to Repr McCaul (Tx-10) district is a tax plan for the Federal Government to allow any state to revert to an apportionment of their share of the federal budget (capped at 1007 tax collections). If a state agrees to this aportionment all citizens and buinesses that have declared residency in that state will not be subject to any federal taxation. If all 50 states opt in then there would be no need for the IRS since the US Treasury will be capable of collecting the funds required on a monthlly basis form the 50 states and any territory that participates. Once the states are collecting the taxes at a state level, then it is easier to justify moving social programs back to the states. This solution allows the “blue states” to have more funding for their social programs by doing them at a state level. The red states that either cannot afford or do not want these programs can opt out. Truly a return to the constitutional federalism our founding fathers envisioned with the original US Constitution.
commented 2012-11-22 15:56:28 -0500 · Flag
i agree with frank.

Our family also posted some ideas of enhancements to get it going sooner
commented 2012-11-07 09:37:23 -0500 · Flag
followed this page 2012-09-21 11:07:26 -0400
commented 2012-09-08 14:57:28 -0400 · Flag
Our government has been spending the money of those that are not even born yet and we need to place more limits on government and also encourage growth of jobs and businesses.