Common Core Fight - Local, State, National

We need more and more candidates willing to fight Common Core.  It is a question that comes up time and again, the frequency and the level of importance from the voters increasing at various functions.  Still the candidates remain shamefully uneducated regarding the topic of education in the districts they are running for, and details of Common Core in particular.  

Common Core isn't merely about the horrors of teaching to standardized tests.  That would be bad enough.  It's not only about removing the concept of teaching children to think for themselves, which I still have trouble wrapping my brain around.  That alone would give me nightmares the rest of my life.  It's not only about teachers and administrators forgetting their place and deciding that the children are theirs and THEY are the ones to decide what is taught and how rather than remembering that they are acting in place of the parents, they are trained, and dedicated, but they are not the parents.  The children are NOT theirs.   

It's about more than All of that.  It is the horror of indoctrination.  Common Core is about turning our children and grandchildren, our nieces and nephews, into a crop of slaves.  The future of our country is being raised, trained incapable of doing basic math, incapable of reading cursive (script) and thus incapable or reading the original historical documents of our National History vs the revisionist history now being taught  College texts are currently abridging explanations of the Amendments to the Constitution and by the time these kids get to high school and college they will be incapable of reading the original for themselves, how will they discern the truth?  They will have no ability to read the original.  Perhaps no copy of the original text in print that they can read.  And even if they could read it, no ability to think and reason for themselves.  They will not be capable of making simple transactions on their own because the ability to do simple math will be beyond their scope.   There is a reason slaves are never allowed to read.  There is a reason the Chinese didn't want to educate their populace, and a reason they couldn't control their populace once they started to educate them.

There is a reason the upper classes always tried to keep the servant classes illiterate, and uneducated.  Perhaps Nothing is so important as keeping our young educated.

Constant unrelenting repartition of "the needs of the individual must be suppressed for the needs of the society"  "the President had a very had job and we must support him" at a young impressionable age, along with the lack of teaching children to question and think, we'll be raising mindless little slaves, unable to reason.


It must be addressed .  We must demand that our candidates put it at the top of their priority list, and educate themselves. 

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