Causes We Care About

We at Patriot Voices believe that each of us has a moral obligation to help our friends, neighbors, and communities.  It is up to us to help one another, which is why we are partnering with various charities and encouraging our members to join us to support these important organizations. 


hardwired_global_pic.pngReligious Oppression is Growing Worldwide
- Join Hardwired to Fight Against It!
Hardwired is providing training to local leaders so they can change laws that restrict the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief and mobilize public support for religious freedom to ensure respect for these laws. 
Go to for more information.


Operation_backbone.jpgOperation Backbone
Operation Backbone was created to provide the most advanced brain and spinal surgical treatments in the world for soldiers, but the heart and soul of Backbone is for the spouses and families who work nonstop in silence everyday protecting, healing, and managing as best as they can a healthy and balanced life for their wounded spouse and their entire family.
Go to for more information.


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