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We at Patriot Voices believe that each of us has a moral obligation to help our friends, neighbors and communities.  It is up to us to help one another, which is why we are partnering with various charities and encouraging our members to join with us to support these important organizations. 


hardwired_global_pic.pngReligious Oppression is Growing Worldwide
- Join Hardwired to Fight Against It!
Hardwired is providing training to local leaders so they can change laws that restrict the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief and mobilize public support for religious freedom to ensure respect for these laws. 
Go to for more information.


Operation_backbone.jpgOperation Backbone
Operation Backbone was created to provide the most advanced brain and spinal surgical treatments in the world for soldiers, but the heart and soul of Backbone is for the spouses and families who work nonstop in silence everyday protecting, healing, and managing as best as they can a healthy and balanced life for their wounded spouse and their entire family.
Go to for more information.


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On the drug war front, being a grandmother of a 5 year old, whose mother does not have a license to smoke marijuana, living in YERINGTON NV. The DCFS. DEPARTMENT of children family services, refuses to remove my grand child from her mothers care, after the 5 year old Dakkotta, told her father my son, James that mommy smokes around her all the to ln be she’s with her. My son bought a home drug test and the child was positive for THC DCFS claiming no different that alcohol. The only time a child is affected by alcohol, is by them picking up an unmonitored container or the parent giving it to them. Children who have a smoking parent come into contact with THC. WHICH also have cancer properties, but also cause long term damage in brain growth and learning disabilities.
The law is left to interpretation by it’s state law makers, THIS IS A CRIME in itself, when not used by prescribed physicians, no license, and in direct contact with the young,
What efforts if any will be in your campaign to protect the young children of AMERICA from BAD PARENTS. Especially when DCFS states it’s no different than a functioning alcoholic coming from the front lines of CHURCHILL CO. TO YERINGTON, LYON COUNTY NV. The war on drugs may have failed, but we’re still trying to protect the children, aren’t we?
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commented 2012-11-20 09:24:03 -0500 · Flag
I ask now that you take a minute to sign this petition asking the White House to exempt religious institutions/companies and individuals from the Obamacare mandates that support abortion. Please take a minute to sign and pass the link along to any Pro-Life people you know.

I know I don’t want any of my tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood or paying for an insurance policy that pays for abortion.

Thank you and God bless you all!
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I used to own a natural gas van and gave a plan for our economy to John McCain via Fred Thompsons bus while he was campaigning for McCain—-Want do you think if you could travel for way less then a dollar a gallon?? With that van I could go 240 miles on 12 dollars and natural gas has gone down in price since then!! -OK-Here is a short version of my plan - There are 350 million sq miles in the us including water surface. If we were to put a natural gas pump every 25 sq miles at an estimated cost of 250,000 dollars it would equal 50 billion dollars ( I worked as an estimator for seven years for a very large mechanical contractor). There are not underground natural gas lines everywhere so the vehicle would have a switch to automaticly transfer the gas supply from natural to propane gas so you could make it to the next fill up station. More stations should be put in the densely populated areas and less in the sparsely populated areas. A no interest government loan should be offered to filling station owners. All money will be paid back.This would be a zero cost to the taxpayer!! This is just for a new start and as time goes on there would be nat gas pumps at every station in due time. If you had just a compact car on natural gas today your transportation cost would be the equivalent to around 45 cents a gallon!! Now wouldnt this really spark this economy?? And wouldnt this really clean up the air There are hardly no emissions! You can park in your garage with it running for hours and still breath fine! There are no carbon deposits on the internal engine parts. The internal engine stays as clean as the day it was installed. The engine oil never turns black and looks just like it did the day you put it in! You still must change it because it loses its viscosity. I have much more to say but it seems useless anymore. The dems have stopped it when Reagan wanted to do this and the republicans wont hear of it! And just think—We have enough natural gas in this country right now for ALL our total energy use for at least one hundred years!!! We could be totally energy independent in a matter of three years!! And with a booming economy!! I dont know how to put it on utube. Maybe i will find someone that can help me with that. just imagine how this economy would be if people could travel for 50 cents a gallon?? (compact car ) I have pics!!