Lisa Soper-Briano

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There’s some talk circling the internet, that RUSSIA is pretty upset with Obama and by Jan 1st 2017 they will deploy an EMP bomb. Not saying it’s true, for those who don’t know, EMP. stands for an Electromagnetic Pulse. It would shut down the U.S. almost in it’s entirety. Fishing, transportation, gas fueling, computers, anything with a computer. Or electrical device, leaving us wide open to attack on American soil. Wanting to know, if our leaders are prepared, this time, since the threat of 9-11 are we still taking things lightly?

commented on Causes We Care About 2015-11-12 14:47:11 -0500 · Flag
On the drug war front, being a grandmother of a 5 year old, whose mother does not have a license to smoke marijuana, living in YERINGTON NV. The DCFS. DEPARTMENT of children family services, refuses to remove my grand child from her mothers care, after the 5 year old Dakkotta, told her father my son, James that mommy smokes around her all the to ln be she’s with her. My son bought a home drug test and the child was positive for THC DCFS claiming no different that alcohol. The only time a child is affected by alcohol, is by them picking up an unmonitored container or the parent giving it to them. Children who have a smoking parent come into contact with THC. WHICH also have cancer properties, but also cause long term damage in brain growth and learning disabilities.
The law is left to interpretation by it’s state law makers, THIS IS A CRIME in itself, when not used by prescribed physicians, no license, and in direct contact with the young,
What efforts if any will be in your campaign to protect the young children of AMERICA from BAD PARENTS. Especially when DCFS states it’s no different than a functioning alcoholic coming from the front lines of CHURCHILL CO. TO YERINGTON, LYON COUNTY NV. The war on drugs may have failed, but we’re still trying to protect the children, aren’t we?